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    HD-170 type foam extruder

    Products > PE foam board production line > HD-170 type foam extruder

    HD-170 type foam extruder

    HD - 170 type foam extruder is the host machineof PE foam board production, to produce various specifications of the foam sheet, generally applied to aluminium-plastic Composite Panel .

    Consists of the following parts:

    * Drive system

    main motor, transmission reducer, couplings, the lubrication system and cooling system, etc


    * Machine barrel screw

    barrel, barrel connection flange, screw, screw water cooling system


    * Mold


    * Heating and temperature control system

    barrel electricity heating and air cooling system, mold electric heating system, electric heating control cabine


    * Gas supply system

    air tank, gas path pipeline, control valves, etc


    * Electric control system

    the host total power supply and main motor control cabinet


    * Auxiliary equipment and lathe bed

    hopper and feeding system (option); hydraulic device; the hydraulic discharge device; Lathe bed, orbit and the mobile control device; Tubing, water pipes, the trachea and its fittings


    Main technical indicators

    1、model number: HD - 170

    2、product yield: 300-500 kg/h

    3、the total power: 350 kw

    4、the foaming gas: nitrogen

    5、suitable materials: PE

    6、appearance size: 9.5m(length) x 1.1m(width) x 2.3m (high)




    Performance characteristics

    Replace the current commonly used chemical foaming technology, solves the products easy to deformation, chemical residue, high temperature to produce the problem such as the secondary foam. Using the international most advanced physical foaming technology, make the product light, anticorrosive, heat preservation, save raw materials, so as to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction


    Host machine has stable performance and strong controllability, uniform extrusion foaming material, exquisite, finished goods easy to finalize the design, high dimensional accuracy;


    Mold device design is unique, the product size is easy to control, maximum width is up to 1600 mm, thickness is 0.8 mm to 5 mm, can be adjusted according to need;


    Meet the needs of material extrusion, large production. Such as according to the

     900 mm wide x 2.7 mm thick core board production, linear velocity is 2 ~ 6 m/min.

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